Smart Coriolis Mass Flowmeters with FuelTrax

Measuring fuel directly ensures greater accuracy, accountability, and reliability.


Why Coriolis Meters?

UET Marine has chosen to standardize on Coriolis mass flowmeters as they are a proven, reliable metering technology that give far greater accuracy than traditional methods. We firmly believe that accurate measurements benefit all parties.


Accurate Measurements

Coriolis smart meters differentiate air, water, temperature, density and particulates for enhance measurements. Mass flowmeters are much more accurate that volumetric meters which provide results with a +/- 0.15% accuracy.


Real Time Data

Coriolis mass flowmeters allow for transparent fuel monitoring just as if you had a fuel auditor onboard the vessel. We give every customer a detailed transcript which shows the mass, density, and temperature of the fuel transfer.


Calibrated and Tamper Proof

Unlike volumetric meters, Coriolis meters require little to no physical maintenance. All maintenance and calibration verification can be performed remotely as required.The meters are constantly monitored by the system and if powered off or disconnected in an attempt to circumvent, FuelTrax is alerted right away.

Fuel Sample Shuttle Service

We understand the issues with your business. One of the drawbacks to bunkering fuel offshore is getting your fuel samples back to your fuel testing lab to obtain results prior to burning the fuel onboard. In most cases, vessels can have their samples held up for days or weeks depending on their voyage schedules before they reach the lab.In order to avoid this issue and to provide our customers with a higher level of service, we have partnered with T&T Offshore to provide a dedicated launch option to pick up your samples the same day and coordinate delivery to your local agents to pass along to the fuel testing lab of your choice. Contact our sales office for further details.


A Higher Standard of Fuel Testing


More than just ISO 8217

We believe that the current levels of industry testing for VLSFO fuel quality is lacking in detail and needs to be improved overall.For every cargo loaded, we go above the industry standards to provide our customers with better details about your fuel purchase in order to avoid any quality issues onboard.


Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometer testing

All of our VLSFO cargoes are tested using a Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectroscopy analysis (GC/MS) for quantification to identify in advance any potential issues on the molecular level. GC/MS testing is the gold standard for identifying contaminants that are missed by the typical ISO 8217 testing such as volatile organic compounds, DCPD, phenols, benzene and acids which can damage engines and onboard equipment.The latest lab results are always available to our customers in advance of purchase.


Wax Appearance Temperature

VLSFO can be on specification as per ISO 8217 testing yet still cause sludging and filter clogging once onboard. The reason is that ISO 8217 doesn't test for the Wax Appearance Temperature (WAT) which is the point that waxy paraffins can form in the VLSFO fuel which can cause filter clogging, reduced fuel flow pressure, and epoxy type resins to form on the injectors causing them to stick and/or need to be replaced. All of these issues can lead to a possible onboard brown out, damaged engine parts, and the need to debunker the fuel.The Wax Appearance Temperature (WAT) indicates the temperature value at which wax crystals begin to form when the fuel is cooled. VLSFO fuel should always be maintained above the reported WAT value. We provide this data with every VLSFO purchase to our clients free of charge to ensure a higher level of service and safety.


FTIR Spectroscopy Testing

UET Marine also performs a Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) scan on all of our Marine Gas Oil cargoes as well. Specifically, this test is used for identifying organic molecules present in the marine fuels such as alcohols, esters and acids which can lead to engine issues. These compounds are not detected by the usual industry ISO 8217 testing used by our competition.We take this extra step to ensure that only the best quality products are sold to our valued customers.


Onboard Mooring Masters

UET Marine strives to bring a higher level of service and safety to the offshore fuel bunker market. As a result, we have onboard Mooring Masters on our delivery tanker at all times to ensure a smooth delivery to our customers in the safest and most efficient manner. Our Mooring masters have over a combined 78 years of maritime experience and have performed over 3,800 ship to ship lighterings here in the US Gulf.We value their dedication and expertise on vessel handling / safety and we are sure that our customers will see the added value that they provide to UET Marine as well.