Stenheim - IMO 9261114

UET Marine is pleased to announce that we have secured on long term charter the chemical tanker Stenheim.

The Stenheim is a highly equipped chemical tanker that specializes in STS and offshore bunker operations in which safety is of paramount importance. Our extensively trained crew and specialized tanker will provide the highest quality Marine Gas Oil and VLSFO deliveries in the US Gulf. The vessel is equipped with not only all safety equipment for a seamless STS operation but is also fitted with Coriolis Smart meters which brings a new level of accuracy and quality control to offshore bunkering. In addition we have dedicated Mooring Masters onboard to ensure a higher level of safety and efficiency for our customers.

Fuel Ship

Trusted Experience

The crew of the Stenheim has an extensive history of performing ship to ship deliveries of marine bunkers in a safe and efficient manner.

In order to ensure the vessel is always operating at peak performance, the world class ship managers at Stenersen bring their 32 years of commitment and professionalism to manage the daily technical operations.

Accurate Volumes

We have installed onboard two Coriolis Smart Meters in order to create a new standard for fuel measurements in the US Gulf to our customers.

By measuring the mass flow, temperature, and density throughout the entire transfer, we can provide highly accurate quantity measurements and greater transparency.

We can provide fuel buyers with a detailed transcript from the meters to verify the mass, temperature and density of the entire fuel transfer process once completed.

Same Day Samples

In order to better serve our clients, we have partnered with T&T Offshore to offer the option of same day fuel sample pickups for delivery back to your agents in port.

Contact us today to learn more about this time saving service.

Onboard Mooring Masters

UET Marine strives to bring a higher level of service and safety to the offshore fuel bunker market. As a result, we have onboard Mooring Masters on our delivery tanker at all times to ensure a smooth delivery to our customers in the safest and most efficient manner.

Our Mooring masters have over a combined 78 years of maritime experience and have performed over 3,800 ship to ship lighterings here in the US Gulf. We value their dedication and expertise on vessel handling / safety and we are sure that our customers will see the added value that they provide to UET Marine as well.