A Better Solution

UET Marine is an offshore fuel supplier specializing in MGO and VLSFO deliveries at the Galveston Lightering area. Our dedicated chemical tanker and experienced bunker crew are standing by to offer your fleet the best in service and fuel quality. We have installed Coriolis meters for both products to ensure accurate delivery quantities with minimal crew interaction for your vessel's safety. Contact us today for the latest fuel pricing quotes and bunkering schedule.

Coriolis Meters

We have partnered with FuelTrax to install Coriolis smart meters for both MGO and VLSFO supply lines on our delivery vessel. By doing so, we can calculate the exact volumes delivered since the meters monitor the mass, density and fuel temperature during the transfer process.

Professional Service

Our dedicated staff consist of marine and energy industry professionals who all have extensive experience and expertise in their fields. We understand fully the needs of our customers and strive to offer the best service on the water.

Sample Delivery Service

We offer an offshore courier service to pick up your fuel samples and deliver them to your local agents. No more waiting a week or more to land your samples at the next port for analysis.

The UET Marine Difference

Learn more about what sets us apart from other fuel providers in the US Gulf.

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Our Vessel Stenheim

Find out more about our offshore supply vessel the Stenheim.

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Higher Standard for Testing

Details of our fuel testing program and how it can enhance your fleet operations.

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The Benefits of Coriolis Meters

Discover how our Coriolis Meters make us the best choice for accurate deliveries.

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